June 24, 2011

An Introduction To WCM...

First, a few words about myself... 

I am a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia. In attempts to describe myself in a single word, I would be torn between calling myself either a musician, or a writer. With that in mind, it's fairly natural to find me where I am now; writing about music. Over the past few years, I've done a fair amount of writing, voicing my opinions on bands, albums and artists from a range of different sounds. In the midst of all of this, lately I have also been getting back into being a musician myself, which brought my attention back to the 'local' scene that Vancouver has to offer. Although the metal movement on the West Coast has had its ups and downs, I have been noticing that talent and promise is something that the scene has never been in shortage of. Although music ultimately barrels down entirely to individual interpretation and opinion, I hope to share some views of my own here, be they positive or negative, and with any luck, help the acts that really deserve it get some attention.

West Coast Metal blog...

So here I am, writing alot closer to midnight than when I last checked the clock. First and foremost, West Coast Metal is a place for exposing and celebrating talent in British Columbia, and beyond. On top of articles about things hopefully of interest, the majority of WCM will be focused on what I know best; forming opinions and expressing them through writing. Be it any sort of metal or heavy music, I will be open to hearing it and giving some honest feedback. Keep in mind that everything here is simply a view, and I know fully that there will always be people- even the artists themselves- that will disagree with me.

If you are a band, artist, or member of the Pacific-Northwest metal scene and want to contact me for whatever reason (review, article, chat), you can reach me at conorfynes@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from some of you,

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