June 28, 2011

Titan's Eve - The Divine Equal (Review)

Titans Eve - The Divine Equal
Titans Eve - The Divine Equal
Thrash Metal

A big name in the Vancouver metal scene lately has been Titan's Eve, a melodic thrash metal act that's been picking up some great speed ever since this- their debut album- was released last July. Now an active touring outfit, Titans Eve is breaking out of their typecast as a merely local group, and spreading their sound to the rest of the world. If 'The Divine Equal' is any indicator, it is clear why the group has ascended past the other ranks. Titans Eve derives quite a bit of their sound from the German thrash scene, and layers it with melodic choruses, and neoclassically-tinged guitar riffs to deliver a fairly powerful first impression. 'The Divine Equal' leaves plenty of room for the band to further develop their style, but all things considered, Titans Eve have done some very good things here.

With the exception of two instrumental tracks that act as adhesive for the album, the songs here all run along a fairly similar formula. The riffs alternate between speedy thrash licks and classically oriented leads, courtesy of the brothers Gamblin. The basswork of Jesse Hord and drummer Casey Ory round off the rhythm section, always backing the guitars with some great energy. In particular, Ory's work with the double kick is impressive, and adds to the tempest the band creates here. As far as vocals go, there should be no surprises here to someone who has heard much thrash before; the vocals generally amount to throaty shouts that are heavy on aggression, but light on any interpretation of subtlety. However, the vocals do take a bit of a melodic turn during the choruses, where Titans Eve demonstrates their surprising grasp of the 'catchy chorus' concept. All of these songs are upbeat, and after the defacto opener 'Judgement', a listener knows what he is going to get for the rest of the record.

This also happens to be the greatest weak point of 'The Divine Equal'. While Titans Eve has become quite strong with their songwriting, there is little variety in their formula. Most of the songs here are quite similar in structure and even the sound of the riffs themselves. Thrash metal has never been about wielding the most variety in one's sound, but it feels like the Titans could do with changing up the songwriting here and there, to stave off the feeling of deja-vu about halfway into the album. On another note, the production here is quite well done, especially considering it is a basement production. While the bass still feels a bit quiet, the sound is clear, and the music is not hindered by any significantly noticeable studio faults.

Titans Eve has made a very good debut here in any case, and while I still feel that the band should look towards widening the scope of their sound and songwriting in their future material, 'The Divine Equal' is a very promising start from these musicians, and at this pace, Titans Eve should be a bigger name in metal before too long.

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